Now you have sent you intention to the universal field of all possibility, just relax and let go, let the Universe find the best possible way to manifest your desire. You will receive the answer in the form of an inspirational idea.

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You may think I’m crazy with that long headline up there… but I’m perfectly sane. I’m just overjoyed with excitement…because I’ve discovered the “Missing Link” to getting exactly what you want in your life.

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Here’s what it’s all about: Everybody thinks attracting your desires is a mental game. You write out exactly what you want, read it everyday, and your desires will magically appear in your life. And, sure…you need to envision your success. No skipping that step. You can’t attain success by kicking back (unless of course you’re just dreaming, I suppose).

But it’s a HUGE mistake to think it’s JUST mental. The masters of attraction who make a living teaching others the Law of Attraction understand this…but not always in the right way. A lot of self-help masters will bend your ear talking about how your success is TOTALLY mental. How you must align your desires and envision your success.

They have a valid point, too. You can’t expect success without the ability to control your thoughts.

But all this misses the VERY CRITICAL fact that almost everyone misses. And until you understand this “missing link”, you will NEVER get what you want in life. Never.

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Have you ever had a dream about what your life “could” be? You know, you see yourself finally getting exactly what you want in life: like a new car, a dream home or traveling to exotic destinations?

 As strange as it sounds—and believe me, I realize this sounds too good to be true—this “missing link” secret really is just like suddenly discovering you can do something that no one else seems able to do.

 That’s because this “missing link” to getting what you want in your life has nothing at all to do with the writing down your desires… nothing at all to do with believing you can achieve it… and nothing at all to do with envisioning your success.

You want to know what this secret “missing link” is? Of course you do. And I’m going to reveal it to you. Right now.

 Come closer. Closer. Listen: The secret is…
Your Brainwave Patterns!
That’s right. Forget about all the writing down of your goals… forget about all the “believing” you can do it… forget about all the envisioning your success until it plays back like a perfect movie in your mind.

The plain fact is…and this is what separates real achievers from wannabe’s… there’s a very destructive distinction between the NECESSARY thought processes to achieve success… and those that don’t.

It’s mental. Not your practices before you “intend”. Not the prior practices. Mental.

What you “envision” is not what is actually happening. What you — and me and every other person who’s tried to use the Law of Attraction to transform their life—don’t realize is…
Your Brainwave Patterns Are Screwing You Every Time You Try To “Attract” A New Way Of Life! 
Getting past these destructive brainwave patterns is all that separates you from your heart’s desire.

And the weird part is… even the “master” attractors—those who’ve really changed their personal realities—don’t know what they’ve done to achieve this success!

Let’s take two regular people—people essentially equal—but people who both want a change in life. Both have similar mental abilities and both lack the possession of iron-clad willpower. Let’s call them “Mark” and “Anthony”.

Anthony spends all his time reading self-help books and listening to “intention” gurus. He understands “intellectually” all the laws of personal success. But he never realizes the major shift that must take place to actually attract success in his life. And so he never really fulfills his life’s desire.

Anthony, later in life, is a guy you might talk with at a party. Intelligent sounding, has great advice about success in life, but has yet to fully experience the full power and benefit of a complete brainwave transformation. Anthony, at best, is just average.

Mark on the other hand, early on senses there’s something different about the way his mind is totally focused on his goals. He may not fully understand what’s involved, but he makes a simple allowance in the way he envisions his future. Despite the illusion that makes him THINK he’s doing it all WRONG, he trusts his intuition and does what’s right… now what actually FEELS right.

Mark becomes a high-achiever. He rises to heights and leaves “average” people in the dust.

This is a real comparison. You CANNOT ever achieve your heart’s desire as long as you blindly assume that just “envisioning” your success will make it so—this is the big mistake new “intentioners”… who want to use the Law of Attraction make that keeps them from success.

The simple truth is…you can write all your intentions down, listen to all the self-help programs… and envision all day long and your success will never come—until you’ve conquered this one final step: changing your brainwave patterns.

Okay, I’m going to get to the point here. I’ll show you the power of being able to transform your brainwaves from…

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The result: Practically overnight, you’ll finally realize all you’ve ever wanted and desire to achieve in life.

Simple. Easy. Fast.

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Here’s the deal: The man behind it is none other than Morry Zelcovitch—the only credentialed brainwave entrainment engineer on the planet. Morry, as you may know, is internationally known because of his unique credentials: he’s been personally mentored for years by David Siever, the worlds top researcher in the field of Brainwave Entrainment. He diligently studied under this master practitioner of brainwave entrainment—all because he was so frustrated with his own life he needed a change fast.

Morry seeking out this training—and mastering it in the process—turns out to be the best thing for anyone who wants to attract their desires in life. Because, without his unique Quantum Intention Accelerator 2.0 Brainwave Entrainment Program, the chances of ever really getting what you want from the Universe would be slim. Thousands now owe their success to Morry’s unique ability to engineer brainwave entrainment programs to produce the exact desired outcomes for his listeners.

However, this is something Morry can’t go “public” with in any big way. It’s just too simple… and too challenging to the way most people think.

See, most people just cannot believe the problems with attracting their life’s desire is because of brainwave patterns. They would rather spend thousands of dollars on “Secrets”… and the expensive “coaching” programs that follow.

So… Morry let me quietly promote his breakthrough Quantum Intention Accelerator 2.0 brainwave entrainment recording to a small number of people (like you) who realize that the answer to attracting success in life CAN actually be this simple: altering your brainwaves to patterns only masters of intention have previously accomplished.

This recording doesn’t waste a lot of time trying to be a big fancy “20 CD program for change”. It’s just honest and straightforward. It’s not quantity you’re after… it’s the secret to getting your brain to cooperate with itself in complete harmony to finally attain your life’s goals.

That requires just 5 minutes of reading… and lying on your couch and listening.
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